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Mistify is now Cerana

The Lightweight Cloud Construction Kit

What Is Mistify?

Mistify is a lightweight, opinionated system for deploying cloud infrastructure. It combines a purpose built Linux distribution with Go based server orchestration tools.

Try it out

Check out our nightly builds and follow the Quick Start.

How Does Mistify Work?

Mistify uses a custom Linux distribution built with cloud operability in mind. With MistifyOS you get a ZFS filesystem, KVM and Docker compatible lightweight containers, ktap for system analysis, and systemd for more programmable management.

To complete the system, we have API based orchestration to manage VMs within your cloud. Our Go based services include clustered support that automagically keeps track of new hardware as you grow your cloud infrastructure.

For more information, be sure to check out our documentation repo and the MistifyOS repo.

Who Is Behind Mistify?

Mistify is primarily developed by engineers at OmniTI, with contributions from various members of the open source community. If you are into Linux kernel hacking and want to improve the state of Linux containers or ZFS on Linux, OmniTI is hiring.

Stay Involved

As a new open source project, we welcome contributors from all areas; OS hackers, Go devs, documentation folks, website help; all are welcome! If you are interested in testing out Mistify, please join us on freenode on #mistifyio. Also, you can follow us on Twitter.